Fourways has a number of Taxi and Cab companies / Taxi Cab companies, Airport shuttle companies and privateers that offer point to point taxi  and cab services and transfers in the 4 Ways and surrounding areas.

4ways Cabs & Taxis - 076 395 0070


4ways Cabs & Taxis

076 395 0070




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Zebra Cabs

Operates in the greater Gauteng suburbs.

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Halfway Cabs

was established in 2009, based in Midrand.

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Rainbow Cabs

is a metered taxi company based in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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taxi company operates a fleet of company owned vehicles.

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Rose's Taxis

is one of the oldest and most respected meter taxi services operating in Johannesburg.


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Delta Cab

is a metered taxi company and shuttle service located in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

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Stella West Taxis

are based in the Sandton area and can be easily identified by their unique branding.


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Good Fellas

is a taxi company that works on a membership basis and has a strong focus on eliminating drunk driving.

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